Composer-in-residence” Call: 2nd Edition Winners

Feb 23, 2012

On 21 February  a meeting of the Board assessing submissions for the Programme “Composer-in-residence” was held at the IMIT office. The Selection Board was composed of experts proposed by the Polish Composers’ Union (Krzysztof Knittel) and the Association of Polish Artitsts-Musicians (Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko) as well as a representative of IMIT (Brygida Błaszczyk).

The Commission has selected projects to be carried out in the 2nd Edition of the Programme which covers the artistic season 2012/2013.

From among ten incredibly interesting and quality projects, the Board has approved the following submissions to be carried out, based on their formal correctness and factual values:

The Oskar Kolberg Świetokrzyska Philharmonic and Bartosz Kowalski

The Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio "Amadeus" and Barbara Kaszuba

Toruń Symphony Orchestra and Jędrzej Rochecki

The Plock Symphony Orchestra and Zuzanna Fabijańczyk

The Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic, who has a sturdy artistic track record and is still thriving, will commission from Bartosz Kowalewski a composition to be preformed during the festival „Music Days of the Świętokrzyskie Region) at the Orchestra’s new home. The author of the commissioned chamber orchestra and saxophone piece – “Gniew wiatru” (Wrath of Wind) – is a very talented, multi-award winning artist of the new generation and his compositions have been performed all around the world. Paweł Gusnar, playing the solo part, is one of the most outstanding performers of contemporary saxophone music.

The Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio "Amadeus", conducted from the very start by Agnieszka Duczmal, is well-know and needs no recommendation. This time the Orchestra has invited Barbara Kaszuba, a young composer, violinist and chamber musician, multi-award winner in Poland and abroad. The composition commissioned by the ensemble will enrich the Polish repertoire of the string orchestra.

Jędrzej Roch Rochecki is a young versatile artist: he is a composer, violinist and audio director, soundtrack composer and author of sound art installations. His pieces have been presented at the concerts in Poland and abroad. The Third Symphony Thorunium for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir, organ and symphony orchestra is being prepared for the Toruń Symphony Orchestra who will preform it at the opening concert of the 17th Festival "Europe-Toruń. Music and Architecture".

The performance of a new piece commissioned by The Płock Symphony Orchestra (concert for clarinet, harp and orchestra) from a talented composer and clarinettist Zuzanna Fibijańczyk may become an important artistic event. Being a composer, the author also co-operates with many philharmonic orchestras and festivals in Poland and around the world as a soloist (clarinet) and a composer of orchestral instrumentations and arrangements.

Heartly congratulations to applicants selected for the Programme! We hope that the Programme will make the works of young Polish composers more present and visible and will enrich the repertoire of the national concert institutions with the brand new works.

We thank the other applicants and we invite to submit proposals for the next editions of the Programme.

Detailed information on the selected projects and the Board minutes are available in the section programme.



Composer-in-residence” Call: 2nd Edition Winners powiększ
fot. Malgorzata Kosinska