‘Master School of Folk Instrument Makers’ 2019 Edition – results of the application selection process

Jan 21, 2019

On 11 January 2019, the Institute of Music and Dance hosted a session of the Competition Committee selecting the best projects for the ‘Master School of Folk Instrument Makers’ 2019 Edition.

The Committee was composed of members of artistic circles and scholars researching traditional music – Prof. Stanisław Marduła (from the Antoni Kenar Liceum of Fine Arts in Zakopane) and Krzysztof Butryn (from the Association of Folk Artists) plus a representative from the Institute of Music and Dance (Brygida Błaszczyk-Podhajska).

Eleven applications were submitted to the programme. The Competition Committee has decided that the following 8 projects will receive the necessary financial support:

  1. Akademia Łucznica – Stefan Nowaczek, Stanisław Jałocha: Bekacz, fiucek, fujarka, piscałka – pastoral instruments from South-East Mazovia (Mazowsze)
    (amount awarded: PLN 10,000)
  2. Regional Cultural Centre in Bielsko-Biała – Zbigniew Wałach: Workshop - pastoral instrument making: three-holed and six-holed pipes
    (amount awarded: PLN 5,300)
  3. Piotr Baczewski – Jan Wochniak: Constructing the ‘dżaz’ – a rural percussion consisting of a drum (central instrument), a snare drum, a clash cymbal, a cymbal and a ‘piórnik’
    (amount awarded: PLN 7,400)
  4. Robert Domurad – Andrzej Staśkiewicz: Constructing the Kurpie-style double bass (basetla kurpiowska) based on an instrument from Dynak (Green Kurpie) kept in the collection of the Folk Culture Museum in Ostrołęka (amount awarded: PLN 8,000)
  5. Monika Gigier – Piotr Majerczyk: Koza (Goat) – constructing the Tatra Highlander bagpipes
    (amount awarded: PLN 8,000)
  6. Dariusz Kocemba – Marcin Blachura: Constructing the piszczała sałaśnicza (a type of pipe)
    (amount awarded: PLN 3,500)
  7. Joanna Szaflik – Zdzisław Siudy: Workshop with the Kalisz-style double bass (basy kaliskie)
    (amount awarded: PLN 8,000)
  8. Wojciech Węglarz – Czesław Węglarz: Constructing the gajdy (a type of bagpipes) – gajdy making workshop – revealing professional construction secrets
    (amount awarded: PLN 8,000)

    Pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Programme, the Committee selected those projects which fulfilled the formal requirements and other substantial criteria stipulated in the rulebook. Furthermore, the Committee favoured those applications which showed interest in local traditions and which offered hope of rediscovering abandoned and forgotten musical practices.