‘Blank Pages – Music and Dance’ 2018/2019 edition – application selection results

Jul 20, 2018

The commission set up to select the best projects for the programme comprised experts endorsed by: the Musicologists’ Section of the Polish Composers’ Union (Związek Kompozytorów Polskich) – Dr Agnieszka Draus, the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Nauk) – Dr Jacek Jackowski, the Open Forum of the Dance Art Communities (Otwarte Forum Środowisk Sztuki Tańca) – Aleksandra Bilińska-Słomkowska and a representative from the Institute of Music and Dance (Instytut Muzyki i Tańca) – Brygida Błaszczyk-Podhajska.

Twenty-seven applications were submitted to the programme. The selection commission awarded thirteen research projects.

Financial support was earmarked for the following list of projects:

Tadeusz Kocyba’s music to animated films for children – Katarzyna Babulewicz (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Missa in defectu unius contraaltus by Bartłomiej Pękiel. Description and preparation of the critical source edition of a recently discovered version of the work kept in the archives of the Kraków Cathedral Chapter – Marek Bebak (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Musical traditions of the border region – field research and comparative study of the obtained materials. Beskid Śląski versus Kysuce – Ewa Cudzich, Magdalena Szyndler (amount awarded – PLN 18 000)

Schools promoting the love of music – an important aspect within the Polish conception of music education Jarosław Domagała (amount awarded – PLN 8 500)

The activities of inter-war modern dance representatives in post-war Poland: Jadwiga Hryniewiecka, Irena Prusicka, Marcella Hildebrandt-Pruska – Alicja Iwańska (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Critical source edition of Józef Damse’s opera Klarynecik magnetyczny – Miłosz Kula (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Percussion epiphanies in 20th and 21st century music – Błażewicz, Moryto, Przybylski, Zalewski, a monograph  – Leszek Lorent (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Berschdorf organ makers from Nysa. Activities in the region of Opole (Opolszczyzna) on the basis of the records kept in the State Archives in Opole – Grzegorz Poźniak (amount awarded – PLN 8 500)

Score editions of manuscript works kept in the archive of the Cistercian Abbey of Kraków-Mogiła. Critical source editions of works written by unknown Polish eighteenth-century composers, Revd. Benedict Policki, OCist. Oliva and Jan Ignacy Daniek vel Ján Ignác Danik – Dariusz Smolarek (amount awarded – PLN 9 000)

Collection and critical edition of source materials relating to the reception and methodological development of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze’s eurhythmics in Poland between 1907 and 1939 including the historical context (...) – Magdalena Stępień, Agnieszka Widlarz (amount awarded – PLN 18 000)

Systematisation, analysis and publication of the piano works by Mirosław Niziurski – Andrzej Ślązak (amount awarded – PLN 7 000)

Description and commemoration of people from Kraków and other centres of the historic region of Małopolska (Lesser Poland) active between 1918 and 2018. Creating a basis for the edition of a biographical dictionary of Kraków and Małopolska (1918-2018). Education and promotion of the dance legacy in Kraków and in the other centres throughout Małopolska Krzysztof Hliniak, Agnieszka Gorczyca, Magdalena Malska (amount awarded – PLN 18 000)

The undiscovered potential of the biggest orchestral individualist or the Polish works for bassoon in the 20th century music. Trends, styles and performance issues – Katarzyna Zdybel-Nam, Ramona Słobodzian (amount awarded – PLN 18 000)

In the process of selecting the projects to be granted financial support, the commission took into account several different factors that would comply with the rules and regulations of the ‘Blank Pages – Music and Dance’ programme, including the formal accuracy of the applications and a number of substantial criteria stipulated in the rules and regulations, in particular the compliance of the submitted subject of research with the objective of the programme; the originality of the research and the time needed to complete it; the realistic (manageable) schedule and timetable of the research; (as a bonus) the documentation and interpretation of source materials which are obscure, dispersed or not easily available (because of their age etc.); in the case of reconstruction or edition of source materials (music scores), the relevance of the subject and the projected output to the specific type of research; the amount of the expected remuneration in relation to the time and money involved in the project, e.g. archival research carried out in Poland and abroad, or field work; as well as the previous achievements, competence and experience of the researcher, relevant to the projected research area.