Polish Dance Platform 2017 set to begin tomorrow!

Mar 31, 2017

The Institute of Music and Dance and the co-organising parties are pleased to invite everyone to the finale of the Polish Dance Platform, which will begin tomorrow in Bytom, and conclude on 4 April 2017. This year’s edition of the event will feature presentations of 12 pieces qualified by the Artistic Committee, as well as a presentation by the host of the event, the Bytom Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK. Also included in the programme is a number of accompanying events. The pieces showcased in this year’s edition of the Platform present a wide spectrum of Poland’s dance scene, from solo works, through chamber pieces by small ensembles, through large-scale shows by large companies.


TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py57m9MyJr0

Entry to the event is only possible to the registered participants, except for selected performances and accompanying events, which we wholeheartedly invite you to attend:


1 April, 6 pm: Stalking Paradise – Lublin Dance Theatre

venue: BeCeK

1 April, 7:45 pm: Excavatory Ballet – Iza Szostak

venue: Hala Interplast Plastic Products, ul. Elektrownia 16


1 April, 9:15 pm: Beyond the Horizon – Kielce Dance Theatre

Official opening of the Polish Dance Platform 2017, venue: Opera Śląska


3 April, 7:30 pm: Bataille and the Dawn of New Days – Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska

venue: Silesian Opera


Tickets at PLN 5 per person can be purchased solely at the ROZBARK Theatre ticket office (ul. Kilara 29). Tickets cannot be booked in advance. The number of tickets Is limited.

More information: Rozbark Theatre Customer Service, phone no.: 32 428 13 11, e-mail: bow@teatrrozbark.pl


Accompanying events:

Panel discussions, 4 April:

Whatever happened to dance… for children?

Creating space. Why does dance need curators?

The role of dance centres in Poland in the context of support of contemporary dance artists and critics

National Dance Centres. The need, the project, the perspectives


Accompanying events on 3 April:

Presentation of the Ludwik Solski PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Dance Department in Bytom

DJ sets concluding the main part of the Polish Dance Platform




More information: www.polishdanceplatform.pl




From the organisers:

The European and global dance scenes today are incomparably bigger, shaped both by the dynamic exchange between artists and aesthetics, and the strong current to quote and reconstruct the past. Locating this year’s edition of the Polish Dance Platform in Bytom, we also refer to dance history. Bytom was home to Jacek Łumiński’s Silesian Dance Theatre, one of Poland’s most famous contempo- rary dance companies. The city also hosted the International Contemporary Dance Conference, one of the country’s largest contemporary dance festivals. Today, Bytom is home to the Dance Theatre Department of the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, a higher education institution for dance artists, and to one of five Polish secondary ballet schools. The city also hosts the ballet company of the Silesian Opera, and the recently established Bytom Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK, which co-organizes this year’s Platform. Situated in a former

coal mine, the company integrates Bytom’s mining and dance theatre traditions. I hope this year’s edition of the Polish Dance Platform will enable those of you who revisit the festival to further experience the rich dance life of the city of Bytom, while facilitating those among you who are new to the Platform in your encounters with Polish artists. This year’s entries include both large productions by established choreographers, and proposals by representatives of the youngest generation of artists whose work has recently taken Polish dance public by storm. I wish you all an unforgettable time with the Platform.

Joanna Szymajda

Deputy Director, Institute of Music and Dance



Organiser: Institute of Music and Dance

Co-organiser: ROZBARK Theatre

Partners: Ludwik Solski PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom; Bytom Centre of Culture; Silesian Opera in Bytom


The Polish Dance Platform aims to seek out and promote the most interesting original dance productions made in Poland or by Polish choreographers. The first event of this kind in Poland was the "taniec.pl" showcase held in 2003 in Warsaw as part of the Body/Mind International Contemporary Dance Festival. The idea was revived five years later. To date, Poznań’s Zamek Culture Centre and the Art Stations Foundation have co-organized three editions of the showcase: in 2008, 2010 and 2012, respectively. In 2013 the two institutions entered into an agreement with the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw which made it the main organiser of the event. The previous edition took place in Lublin in 2014 and was organised in collaboration with the Centre for Culture in Lublin.