Symphonic Suite “Thorunium” by Jędrzej Rochecki – world premiere in Toruń

Jun 28, 2013

On 29 June 2013 at the Holy Spirit Church in Toruń (8 pm) the Toruń Symphony Orchestra will give a premiere performance of Symphonic Suite “Thorunium” by Jędrzej Rochecki, the orchestra’s composer-in-residence.

The Institute of Music and Dance (IMiT) is a proud co-organiser of the concert, taking place under the programme “Composer-in-Residence”.

Symphonic Suite “Thorunium” for soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir, organ and symphonic orchestra was commissioned as part of Jędrzej Rochecki’s residence at the Toruń Symphony Orchestra.

It will be performed by Zuzanna Szary (soprano), Kamila Paciorkowska (mezzosoprano), Szymon Roda (tenor), Michał Hajduczenia (baritone), Astrolabium Choir (preparation: Kinga Litowska) and Torun Symphonic Orchestra under direction of Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk.

Come and listen to the concert! Admission free.

Jędrzej Roch Rochecki was born in Toruń in 1988. Copernicus’ hometown was also where little Jędrzej made his first, yet very versatile, musical endeavours as a violinist, composer and organiser of musical projects. His musical studies in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw expanded his artistic activity even further – he became interested in music direction in film. On a closer inspection, it is clear to see that it is composing that is the most prominent discipline in Jędrzej Rochecki’s rich output. Yet it is also visible that his composing is influenced by his studies of music direction. Asked about his profession, Rochecki replies that his work is double-tracked. His nearest plans – going back to Toruń.

A significant step on Jędrzej’s way back to Toruń was his writing Symphonic Suite “Thorunium” commissioned by the Toruń Symphonic Orchestra. The project was part of the “Composer-in-Residence” programme run by IMiT. Now into its second edition, the programme aims to promote young composers.

[Source: Toruń Symphonic Orchestra, translation by IMiT]

Symphonic Suite “Thorunium” by Jędrzej Rochecki – world premiere in Toruń powiększ
photo. Joanna Zasada